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Drive YOUR car on the road course!

If you've never had the opportunity to drive on a road course, we welcome you to join us and see what it's all about.  Enjoy plenty of track time, small run groups, and a friendly atmosphere.

Drivers are split by experience into First Timers, Novice, Intermediate, and Advanced run groups.  Instructors are available for First Timers and Novice Drivers.


Registration for HPDE is available on autointerests.com.


CLICK HERE to register to drive on track with AutoInterests at CARFEST!

HPDE registration INCLUDES your weekend entry + camping (electric spaces cost extra).


Our program is called HPDE for a reason - we do not host races, and events are not timed. We provide High Performance Driver's Education which means we are focused on learning, safety and fun.

In the HPDE program, drivers are grouped according to his or her individual driving experience level. 

Passing is only permitted with point-by signals in designated areas.

Drivers use their own vehicle to drive on track; rental vehicles are not available.

HPDE is for everyone - performance driving or race experience is not required! This is a great opportunity to learn the dynamics of your car; which can prove useful on the street or on the track. Most importantly, we promise you will have a ton of fun! Instructors are available for those that are just beginning.



We are planning to run PittRace's full course.

This event is a high performance driving experience and driver's education event.

Drivers will be divided into classes (first timer, novice, intermediate & advanced) and drivers/vehicles will be appropriately grouped. Passing is only permitted when signaled and in designated areas.

Each run group gets approx. 5 X 20 min sessions PLUS 60 min open track at the end of the day -- nearly 3 HOURS OF HOT TRACK TIME!


We follow AutoInterests' rules and regulations as the sanctioning body for the HPDE event, for more information check out autointerests.com.

Drivers need to arrive at the track at 7:00am for check-in and tech inspection.  Please check your email, as pre-event information will be emailed about a week prior to the event.

HPDE & Acclimation Program PRE-EVENT GUIDE can be found here.  Please make sure you review this information prior to the event!

For PittRace track & facility information, check here.